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Weather Forecasts For Your Station!

Are your jocks juggling the weather along with everything else on the air? You can have your own weather-staff in exchange for bartered inventory.

Give me 90 seconds and I’ll explain how RFN can help turn weathercasts into sales for your station…

 Watch video…

RFN provides "recorded live" mp3 quality weather forecasts, in every daypart, seven days a week.

We will deliver weather feeds specific to your coverage area ... with your imaging ... plus your local sponsor in each open & close … all at 100% barter. We'll even mix in your weather jingle.

Over 300 stations throughout the country use our service. Over 80 RFN Meteorologists and Weather Forecasters deliver over 50,000 weather forecasts per month. .

Everybody listens to weather….and your clients know this.
Our forecasters are your station’s weather-staff!  Weather stands out and your clients and listeners pay attention!  RFN will infuse your station's imaging and your local sponsors' IDs within your forecasts. Many of our stations boast of immediate increased revenue from weather sponsorships.  We help your station ring the cash register and the added professional voices help to polish your sound! If your traffic department can handle the inventory, we can do business! If you don't have the inventory, our monthly cash price is only $500.00. Visit the "Sign Up" link to view the Affiliate Agreement and enroll. Click here for details.  

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